Terms Of Site Usage

Terms Of Site Usage ( User Agreement )

  1. M/s Clickbric Properties(hereinafter referred to as ‚ÄúFirm”) provides a wide range of property solutions for various needs. Any person, irrespective of gender, Firm, Company, Entity in whose favor a particular property is booked and a service is used will be hereinafter be referred to as a ‚ÄúClient‚ÄĚ.

a)By accessing or using this website, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions mentioned below.

b)You also acknowledge and agree that all information and data on this site is the exclusive property of the Firm and any reproduction, redistribution or transmission, for consideration or otherwise is prohibited and would constitute a breach of laws.

c)The user agrees that even though the website is targeted to Indian residents only, it may be accessed in any part of the world.. If a person who is not an Indian resident uses the site, he/ she acknowledges and understands that he/ she is doing so at his/ her own risk and it is his/ her responsibility to ensure that his/ her use of the website complies with his/ her local laws.. He/ she also expressly consent to the transfer of data on the servers of ClickBric properties, where his/ her data will be governed by the Data protection laws of India.

d)Third Party links – This website contains links to other websites or content that may belong to/ hosted by other parties. The Firm is not responsible for the content or information. Also, the Firm is not endorsing any content or information on such linked websites and takes no responsibility for such linked website content.

  1. e) The user of the website is subject to the Privacy policy which is linked “here.
  2.  The Firm offers various properties and services on its website www.clickbric.com. The Firm as a service provider relies totally on the information for the various properties and projects provided by the respective developers and owners, given in writing and/or through their representatives, responsible persons, advertisements by the developers in the print and/or electronic media and/or such other authentic sources.
  3. The client is advised to visit the website of the Firm and/ or respective developers regularly for developments and/or events pertaining to real estate from time to time.
  4. In case of cancellation of a booking of a unit booked by a client through the Firm, a nominal administrative charge will be payable to the Firm for the issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Firm. The administrative charge may vary from property to property, project to project, Developer to Developer and/or such other factors that may be relevant to a particular project.
  5. The client is bound to notify the Firm in case he transfers the unit booked by him or creates any third party interest in the property booked through the Firm.
  6. That the Firm is not responsible for any delays in completion, cost escalation, change of layout, change/levying of PLC, scraping of project, change in the builder policies, change in the government policies, judicial/administrative orders, variations between commitments and deliverables and/or such other circumstances that may take place from time to time.
  7. The Client should get all agreements checked by his/ her lawyers at his/ her costs thoroughly before signing them with the Developers/ Owners and conduct all Title searches and other legal formalities to check that the Title is clear and free from all encumbrances. The Firm is in no way responsible if any problem arises after signing of the agreement.
  8. That a Firm is not a part of the business of a Developer and is not involved in either decision making or obtaining statutory approvals from relevant authorities. The Firm is not liable for any misrepresentation made by the builder/ owner in any manner whatsoever and at any point of time.  
  9. The Firm clarifies that it shall not be responsible for interest if any, on the overdue payments that may be levied by the Developer/ Owner and/or cancellation(s) of the unit under any circumstances whatsoever.  
  10. It shall be the responsibility of the client to point out the accuracy of the information that may form part and parcel of any email conversation and should bring the same to the notice of the Firm on an immediate basis failing which the Firm will presume that the information in every communication is accurate and the Firm shall not be responsible for any loss which accrues on account of any erroneous information and/or any ramification arising as a consequence thereof.  
  11. The Firm shall not be responsible for any verbal commitments allegedly made by any employee at any point in time. The Firm will further not consider any communications made in writing but not on the Firm’s letterhead and not made by a person empowered/authorized to make such a commitment. The Firm will not be bound by the commitments made by any ex-employee, if he is not working in the Firm at the relevant time when such commitment was made. Any commitment made by an existing employee from a personal email ID shall not be entertained by the Firm. ¬†
  12. The client shall have no objection if the Firm uses any data about the property booked through the Firm for any advertising and promotional purposes.  
  13. That the website of the Firm may be suspended due to maintenance/ breakdown and/or other reasons from time to time. Any information accessed by the client during the period of such suspension which may not be an updated information, shall not bind the  Firm in any manner whatsoever. Further, the Firm is not liable to anyone if they cannot access the website at any time due to breakdown/ maintenance, loss of internet connectivity or any other reason whatsoever.
  14. That in case of any clarification or query, the client is free to contact the Customer Care Department of the ¬†Firm at PHONE NO. 9820258530 or address an email at EMAIL ID: [email protected]
  15. The client will be bound by the rules and guidelines set by the concerned builder/developer for each project and the  Firm will not have any say in the same. In case of any query from the client, the Firm shall coordinate with the concerned builder/developer and try their best to get proper response from the concerned builder/developer. The  Firm, however, will not be liable if such response is not to the satisfaction of the client.
  16. The  Firm does not accept any cash from any client under any circumstances whatsoever. Only signed Cheque or Demand Drafts/ Bankers Cheque in favor of the concerned Developer for the concerned projects will be accepted after the client fills up the booking form issued by the concerned Developer.
  17. The  Firm shall not be responsible for any cancellation arising out of incomplete/ invalid documents submitted at the time of the booking and the  Firm owes no responsibility for any cancellations arising out of non-sanction/ delay in sanction of the loan from any financial institution.
  18. Non receipt of an email communication cannot be treated as a valid ground for non performance of any obligation or ignorance about a particular policy and/or other aspects that may be contained in the email.  

19. If the Firm sees that its website is being used in an inappropriate way, the Firm will respond in any way, at its sole discretion, that is deemed fit. The Firm will have the right to law enforcement.

20. The terms in this agreement may be changed by the Firm at any time, without notice.  

21.All the information and prices of the various properties and services shown on this website and approximate and subject to change without notice.

22. The Firm is free to offer its services to any client/ prospective client without restriction.

  1. That in case of any dispute the courts at Pune shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to try and entertain the same.


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